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To serve patients by facilitating the creation of safe & effective advance care planning documents of all types (Living Will, DNR orders, POLST or MOLST) & to facilitate as well as enable the safe, timely & effective storage, retrieval & utilization of such documents with specified focus on patient safety.



  1. To safely & effectively enable the voice of the patient through completion & utilization of advance care planning documents.
  2. To explore new & revolutionary technology that enables the storage & timely retrieval of advance care planning documents which focus on conveying actual patient wishes and emphasizing patient safety.
  3. To collaborate & facilitate research determining the most “safe & efficient” pathways to create, educate, implement & deploy the safe utilization of advance care planning documents.
  4. To collaborate with existing organizations that advocate the completion of advance care planning documents and utilization of evidence-based safeguards, all to promote and protect patient safety.
  5. To promote & facilitate the Resuscitation Safety Statement or patient safety checklists into new & existing curriculum & IT technology for healthcare providers so as to enhance the safe delivery of patient care.
  6. To standardize educational curriculum for healthcare providers as well as create educational modules for continuing medical education or state licensure requirements.

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