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At the Institute on HealthCare Directives you and your family are our primary concern. Utilizing technology known as MIDEO® (My Informed Decision on Video), we strive to make sure YOUR VOICE as the PATIENT is RECOGNIZED, RESPECTED, and that the medical care is right for you.

What Makes Our Medical Practice Approach Unique

At the Institute on HealthCare Directives we perform Advance Care Planning services that are unique, full service and keep you safe as you navigate the complex disconnected healthcare system.

First we perform medical evaluations.

Second we educate you with respect to Emergency vs. End of Life Advance Care Planning. This is extremely important as all advance Care planning is not the same and focuses on end of life care. This places you at risk when others come in contact with your documents or medical care.

Third, we create an Advance Care Plan that encompasses State of the Art Technology called MIDEO® to ensure you are safely cared for when critically ill. We utilize and create a POLST vs. a living will after you are stratified for risk. It’s our processes that are unique, state of the art and keep you and your family safe.

If You Love Your Family & Friends You Will Be Sure They Have MIDEO®.

Judith Graham - The Washington Post

“You may have signed a living will, but scary mistakes can happen at the ER.”

Full Article

Judith Graham - Kaiser Health News

“Straight From The Patient’s Mouth: Videos Can Clearly State Your End-Of-Life Wishes”

Full Article

Stacey Burling - Philly News

“Doctors are confused by living wills, study finds”

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Jane E. Brody - New York Times

“Millions of Americans have living wills that they think provide clear instructions to medical personnel about what should and should not be done if their lives hang in the balance and they cannot speak for themselves. Yet in case after case, study after study, it seems that these documents fail to result in the desired end among patients in hospitals and nursing homes.”

Dr. Mirarchi - Featured in NY Times

“Dr. Ferdinando Mirarchi, as featured by Jane Brody in the NY Times, has studied how health professionals interpret living wills and found that the overwhelming majority think they mean that the patient wants to be treated as D.N.R., when in fact aggressive life-saving interventions could restore some patients to their previous state of health.”

Jane E. Brody - New York Times

“A living will does not necessarily say “do not treat me if I have a critical illness”.

This is a major misconception says Dr. Ferdinando Mirarchi, as quoted in the NY Times.

Patient Safety Authority

“Empowering Patients and Agents to Help Prevent Errors with Living Wills, DNRs, and POLSTs”

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“With my MIDEO® ID card, I have peace of mind to be sure they don’t give up on me before my time and my family is protected.”
– Michael Gallagher, Erie Pa

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